i'm gonna be the craziest fan ever!!!

hey.,wazzup guys!!! I dont know.,,suddenly i fall in love with this trio.,,
 okay.,,let me tell u first.,,
as i told u before i love JONAS BROTHERS sooo000 much!!
and after that, when i started google2ing
i found the songs of bustin jieber.,,
i mean justin bieber.,,
its sounds so00 relaxing!! i love them.,,
but guys.,,dont get it wrong.,,becoz.,i'm not in biber fever okay!
for tyhose who doesnt know bieber.,,here's his image.,
now.,,you know him??well.,he's a lil' bit cute isn't it??
but dont worry those die hard fans of justin bieber.,,
i'll not grab him from ya!!!
here's the list of songs of him that i think sounds nice and relaxing.,,
~ one less lonely girl
~where are u now
~ never let you go
~it should be me!
that's all i think.,,if its wrong.,,i'll check my playlist later.,,
owkay guys.,,after i finish with those double JB.,,
suddenly.,,i trapped into swift's songs.,i mean taylor swift!
i love her country song genre.,,relaxing.,,cool~
haha.,, i lovin' it!!!
here's some list of my swift's songs for u to hear!!!
> forever and always (piano version)
> today was a fairytale
>love story
>white horse
>teardrops on my guitar 
just check it out guys!!! i bet that u'll never feel penitent with that!!
u know what,i did name those trio as JBS.,,
which stands for JONASbieberSWIFT!!!


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