This blog is reborn

I got it. Idk how many times I said that I wanna be active again and then I lied. Maybe because sometimes when I said I wanna be active, it's mean I am in the mood of writing. But most of the time, I am busy with my current life. Well you know, I am doing my clinical years now. So yeah. I will only write when I have moods ;)

So. for now, I hope you like this new design for my blog. I choose minimalist design cause I think this suites my styles well. Since, I am already 24 years old now and I need to be more matured and use a bit serious tone for my blog. Hehe. And of course, less emoticons. Sorry. That doesn't mean that my blog doesn't have any emotions at all. It's just less childish I guess.

Besides, I change the title of my blog to Pink Latte. Gosh- Nyssa, why Pink Latte suddenly? And my answer is, I am too obsessed with coffee especially latte. And Pink? Because simple. The Pink makes the Latte name looks cute. Okay. Done.

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